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Bongs, like many other people, are true food connoisseurs and their food bucket is filled with a unique combination of eclectic street food stuff (going beyond the more common rolls) and the traditional forgotten recipes that have been passed on through generations.

This 3-hour journey with our Home culinaire, Anirban Nandy allows you to explore both the worlds at the same time and gives you a glimpse (albeit a tiny bit) of the Bong gastronomical world.

We invite you for this COMMEAT's table at a nomincal charge of Rs.1400. There is a limited seating for an exclusive gathering so sign up quickly by sharing you email ID or by writing to us at

CHINGRI CHOP - Street food has always been an integral part of the bong culinary habit with chop and chai being the topic of many an interesting adda. Talking about chop the chingri (prawn) chop, a combination of shrimps cooked with a unique dry masala blend and deep fried with a generous coating of bread crumbs is surely going to get your taste buds alive and kicking. The ever-reliable Kashundi just makes for a perfect match

STREET STYLE ALOOR DUM - Continuing with the street food theme, our next pit stop is the street style aloor dum. We all have eaten the more common thakurbarir aloo dum with luchi, but die-hard phuchka (panipuri) fans will vouch for the spicy tangy aloo dum that is sold by the neighbourhood phuchka vendor. For a change pair this one with the quintessential luchi and we can assure you won't count on your calories

MANGHSOR GHUGNI - Well, talking about street food, our next destination is mangshor ghugni. Ghugni or dried yellow peas cooked in a blend of aromatic spices with a sprinkle of bhaja masala and chopped onions have been a bong favourite snack for years. It just goes into top gear mode when its cooked with minced mutton.

KAJU NARKOL SHORSHE PANEER - Breaking the mould from our street food theme and bringing us back to the more age old classics. This eclectic combination of coconut, green chillies, cashews with that perfect hint of mustard will be a welcome change from some of the more common paneer counterparts that is available. One of Anirban's personal favourites for sure with the white gravy making an apt combo with basmati rice

CHITTAGONG CHICKEN – Coming straight from Opar Bangla or East Bengal in the olden days this one is hardly available in any restaurant (Maybe a handful). A very popular dish in Bangladesh the combination of a generous dose of whole coriander seeds, red chillies topped with cashew paste makes way for a delightful chicken curry. Pair this with steam rice and we will be very disappointed if you stop at one helping

RAILWAY MUTTON CURRY – This recipe is from our fellow COMMEAT Home Culinaire and food anthropologist, Pritha Sen and will take you on a nostalgic trip when we used to yearn for that mutton curry during the long train journeys during vacations. I can only tell that this spicy mutton preparation satiates both your taste buds and your childhood memories in equal proportions. Let’s not spill the beans on what goes into the making of this one.

PATISHAPTA WITH RABDI – Again a traditional Bengali sweet, this one is ideally a crepe with a delicious filling of coconut, khoya kheer, drenched in our very own nolen gur. As a twist, pour a generous coating of rabdi on top and your facial expression will bring the next one to your plate.


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