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Rana Safvi is a historian, author, and blogger documenting India's syncretic culture via its history, monuments, cultural traditions, and food. She is a celebrated historian with a deep love for the verse and a passion for the culture and heritage of the Indian subcontinent. She combines her enthusiasm for both in her writing. She runs a popular blog, ‘Hazrat e Dilli’, which talks about Delhi’s culture, food, heritage and age-old traditions.

Awadhi cuisine was developed during the rule of the Nawabs of the region. Food was treated as a form of art and chefs were encouraged to refine techniques and create new recipes. A firm believer in our Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb, Rana has curated this lavish meal for you so make sure you join in to have a taste of this culture.

Have a look at the menu:

•Shikanji: A sweetened refreshing drink of lemon water, perfect to quench the thirst and whet the appetite.

•Shaami Kebab: Shaami kebabs come first in line when we talk of the variety of kababs in Awadh. No formal spread in a Nawabi banquet was complete without these beauties.
•Shaami Kabab: We have found a way of replicating the taste of the mutton kabab almost exactly but using vegetarian ingredients instead! This recipe is a family secret.

•Alu gosht: When there were concerns that people weren’t getting enough vegetables there began a concept of adding vegetables to the meat. Alu gosht is mutton cooled with potatoes.
•Murg Mussallam: An entire chicken is slow cooked to give it a delicious flavour.
•Yakhni Pulao: The mutton is cooked with a bag full of whole spices and the broth from the mutton is then used to cook the rice.
•Gobhi Mussalam : A similar concept to the murgh mussallam but cooked with a cauliflower.
•Matar Pulao: Pulao cooked with peas and fried onions, is the perfect accompaniment to Awadhi dishes.
•Shahi Urad Dal: Dry Urad dal garnished with fried onions and red chilies.

•Dahi Phulki: Yogurt with small balls of fried gram flour.
•Pudina ki Chutney: All Indian savouries are served with this Green/Hari

•Lahsan Ki Chutney:




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