COMMEAT's Pujo special Bhuribhoj in Bangalore

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The festive period is a foodie's paradise with plenty of mouth-watering dishes to savour. People can be found sampling delicious Bengali dishes during Durga Puja . From snacks to sweet dishes, Bengali food has something to offer all food enthusiasts.

To kick-start the Durga Puja fervour in Bangalore, COMMEAT invites you for a lavish Pujo spread specially curated by our Home Culinaire Varnika Ghosh.

Welcome Drink
•Veg cutlets: Vegetable Chop ( Bengali Style Vegetable Cutlet is a mouthwatering street food of Kolkata
•Shami kebab: Shami kabab is the most popular kabab in Bangladesh. It is made with a small patty of minced or ground meat

Main course
•Phulkofir torkari (cauliflower): Bengalis love their Luchi along with a bowl full of Aloo Phulkopir Dalna and this dish is completely different from famous North Indian “Aloo Gobhi”
•Masur Dal with Bhindi Bhaja: A Bengali twist to the Masur Dal
•Shorshe Machh (fish in mustard): Shorshe Bata Diye Mach er Jhal or Mustard Fish Curry is a Signature Bengali Dish and requires no introduction!
•Kosha Maangsho (mutton curry): Mutton Kosha or Kosha Mangsho is an exclusive Bengali dish where mutton is coated and simmered in hot spicy gravy for Spicy Dry Mutton Curry.

•Steamed Rice
•Tomato Chatni with Papad

•Payash: In Bengali culture, people says, Payesh is the best sweet item to celebrate any good news


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