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Epar Bangla ar Opar Bangla: West Bengal meets East Bengal to celebrate Durga Puja in a special dining experience.

With a sudden nip in the air, the smell of Kash and Shiuli Phool tingling your senses, bamboo pandals being erected and the soft balmy sun caressing everything under it, one can tell that Pujo is just around the corner. Durga Puja is the much awaited feast of the year where gorging on food comes with no judgement or sin.

To kick-start the Durga Puja fervour,for the first time in Mumbai COMMEAT invites you for a lavish Pujo spread specially curated by Sumitra Chowdhury. Sumitra is the force behind Su-Kitchen which is all about passion to cook, experiment, innovate, recreate recipes from all around the world.

Join us for this festivity with the old-fashioned bhuri-bhoj at a nominal cover charge of Rs.1400. There are only limited seats (10 pax) so register fast by sharing your email IDs or simply sending in a mail at commeatwithus@gmail.com.

Bhuri Bhoj literally means a complete eating experience, and the menu goes like:

Borhani: It's a mint yogurt drink from Bangladeshi served on special occasions..

Vegetarian - Korichutir Nonta Pitha
Pitha is a very common dish in Bangladesh; basic ingredient is rice flour or semolina. There are many types of sweet pithas. This one is a savoury pitha with green peas stuffing..

Non Vegetarian - Fish Fry
Fish fry is a street food of Bengal. This dish is in demand during Durga puja pandal hopping. Bhetki fish fillets are marinated and coated with bread crumbs and fried.



It’s a mix vegetable curry with a bit of bitterness from the bitter gourd which is cooked along with poppy seeds, mustard seed and celery seeds paste.

Panch Misali Sona Muger Dal
Spite green gram is roasted in ghee and slow cooked with various vegetables. One of the vegetarian Bengali delicacies one must have.

Jhuri Aloo Bhaja
Jhuri Aloo Bhaja is a traditional recipe from Bengal. Potatoes are finely grated and deep fried. It is a yummu accompaniment with dal.

Tomato Khejur Aamshottor Chutney
Sweet chutney is a must have Bengali delicacy enjoyed at the last course of the meal. There are various types of chutneys. Tomato date and dry mango pulp chutney is one of them.

Non Vegetarian

Chingri Macher Bhorta
An authentic Bangladeshi dish. "Bhorta" means mashed which can be made of anything right from various vegetables to fish or meat.

Doi Maach
Rui or Katla fish is cooked in curd based gravy. It is one of the fishy delicacies of Bengal.

Shorshe Mangsho Bhaapa
Chingri or Ilish Bhaapa is popular dish in Bengal. This is a twist to that where Mutton is steamed with mustard paste.

Sada Bhat
Plain rice is accompaniment with all the veg and non veg dishes.


Misti Doi
Misti Doi is a sweetened curd made with caramelised sugar or date jaggary. This sweet curd is commonly served in all occasions in West and East Bengal.

Raj Bhog
It is a sweet delicacy of Bengal. It is a kind of a rosogulla which is yellow in colour, it is stuffed with dry fruits and is little bigger in size.

Pan Mukshudhi
The perfect sweet ending to the meal.


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